The University Police Department Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing a direct link from the university community to the on-duty police units. Communication officers receive calls on 3 business lines and 2 emergency lines. After obtaining the necessary information from the caller, police units are then directed to accomplish their assigned duties and related tasks. Communication is maintained with other local law enforcement agencies. Assistance is provided and received by request from these agencies including the dissemination of pertinent information in the location of a particular subject and/or vehicle. Investigative information is also exchanged as necessary. Plant Operations and Student Activities radio frequencies are also monitored as well as the Valdosta Police Department and Lowndes County Sheriff's Department radio frequencies.

The communication officers use the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System for centralized record keeping and the dispatching of officers to assigned calls. The communication officers also monitor the National Crime Information Center/Georgia Crime Information Center (NCIC/GCIC) for regional broadcasts that are received by this terminal. Any information that may be relevant for the surrounding area is disseminated to the officers by radio. The dispatcher is responsible for entering information from crime reports such as stolen vehicles, license plates, weapons and different types of articles of value of $500.00 or more. Also missing or wanted persons, including juveniles, can be entered for a state, nationwide or worldwide search. Information pertaining to drivers license, vehicle tags, stolen vehicles, stolen property. etc. can also be obtained through this system.

The Communications Supervisor, Ofc. Rebecca Leatherberry, supervises the Communications Center to ensure the smooth and professional operation on a 24 hour basis. In addition, the Communications Supervisor is responsible for complete compliance with the State and Federal laws and regulations governing the use of the GCIC/NCIC computer terminal.