Thank you for all that you do

Every day, you work hard-reaching notable milestones, providing outstanding service, and achieving excellence both individually and as teams. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to recognize and celebrate these well-deserved accomplishments on a regular and on-going basis.


Presidential Excellence Awards

 Annual Faculty and Classified Staff

Each year the President’s office awards 5 outstanding faculty members and 1 classified staff member who have provided excellence in service.


Years of Service Recognition

The university is grateful for the service of each of its employees. With that in mind, each area Vice President will recognize employees in their respective areas, for each five-year increment of continuous service, based on their most recent date of hire. The employees will also be recognized through the President’s office with their name and years of service included in the President’s April newsletter. View past service recognition lists.

Retirement Recognition

In a joint effort with the President’s office, COSA and the VSU Retirees Association, employees retiring from the university will be recognized during the annual Retirement Luncheon held each April, and invited to join the Retirement Association.



RED (Recognizing Excellence and Distinguished)

was designed to provide an opportunity to recognize and thank staff and faculty for their remarkable contributions and unwavering commitment to uphold our university’s core values. At Valdosta State University, we understand that it's the people who truly elevate a university's greatness, and we are excited to express our appreciation through the RED Program!

Through RED, our goal is to recognize the significant contributions and achievements of both individuals and teams. We believed that incorporating a TEAM Recognition component was essential for creating a more comprehensive employee recognition program, enabling us to celebrate the successful collaborative efforts that have been made to enhance VSU.

As we move forward, let us not forget the outstanding work and achievements of those who have been previously acknowledged through the I Caught You Caring (ICYC) Program.

Employee of the Semester Award

COSA (Council on Staff Affairs) acknowledges classified staff members who exemplify service excellence while actively embodying our core values:

Civility – A Blazer shows courtesy and compassion as well as respect for the dignity of every human being.

Integrity – Each Blazer is responsible for his or her own actions, and our community is stronger when we contemplate the context of our decisions and uphold the principles of trust and honesty.

Citizenship – Every Blazer has an interest in the well-being of the community, and, therefore, a duty to stay informed, to make positive contributions, and to offer support to those who need help.

The recipient of the “Employee of the Semester” award is selected from those nominated through the RED Program. Each semester, the RED committee selects the top 10 nominees and COSA awards the Employee of the Semester.

Beginning Fall 2023, a Team Recognition award will be included during this celebration.