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Employees are granted 12 holidays. The BOR rule 8.2.7 states:  Vacation/annual leave shall be taken at times mutually acceptable to the employee and his/her supervisor; provided, however, that a University System institution may, on not more than five days, require the use of vacation/annual leave during periods in which all or substantially all of the institution’s facilities are closed because classes are not offered. Therefore, the total number of mandatory days may not exceed five days.  The university is closed on these days. Unless otherwise indicated as a holiday, this time will be automatically charged to annual leave unless an employee chooses to take the time as leave without pay. Those requesting leave without pay must write a memorandum to Human Resources and Employee Development indicating that the absence will be leave without pay. This memorandum must be approved by the immediate supervisor and received by Human Resources and Employee Development no later than three weeks before the first day for which leave without pay is requested. Advancing leave is not allowed.  Please submit a Mandatory Leave Adjustment Form when an employee needs to work on a designated mandatory leave day or holiday as a result of a departmental requirement. Supervisors must sign and approve the form. Submit the form to payroll as early as possible to meet the early holiday payroll deadlines.

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