Excellence In Service: Classified Staff                    

I. Eligibility:

  • The employee must have been a full-time classified staff member for at least three years.

  • An individual may not receive this award more than once in five consecutive years.

  • Direct reports to the President are not eligible for nomination.

II. Criteria:

The nomination criteria shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Demonstrates high standards of service to Valdosta State University.

  • Demonstrates exemplary performances in various aspects of his/her employment (skills, cooperation, job knowledge, attendance, self-improvement).

  • Demonstrates the following qualities and characteristics: initiative, reliability, and a professional attitude.

  • Demonstrates leadership through voluntary participation in staff functions and/or service on committees.

III. Nomination:

Nominations can be made by any full-time classified staff or faculty member. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

IV. Documentation:

Documentation shall consist of the following (to be submitted in one package):

  • A completed nomination form.

  • Up to five letters of support; a minimum of one must be from a colleague, if possible, in the nominee’s work area.

Additional letters may be submitted by:

  • Supervisor

  • Fellow employees outside the nominee’s work area

  • Faculty members

  • Administrators

Letters of support/recommendation from employee spouses or relatives will not be accepted.

V.  Selection Committee:

 The Selection Committee will consist of one representative from each division and one representative from the Council on Staff Affairs.

VI. Selection Schedule:

The Selection Committee will review the nominees submitted and will recommend two nominees to the President.