Spring 2022 Employee of the Semester 

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Employee of the Semester, Carl Brown!



Carl Brown Named Employee of the Semester at VSU  

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s Carl Brown is good at solving problems.  

“I enjoy being able to interact with our students, faculty, and staff when they have issues with their electronic devices,” says Brown, a computer services technician with the Division of Information Technology at VSU. “I have the knowledge and resources to troubleshoot whatever concerns they may have.”  

Brown joined the VSU staff on Sept. 24, 2018. He was recently named the Spring 2022 Employee of the Semester. 

Brown spends his days working in Desktop Support and at the Helpdesk.  

As a member of the Desktop Support team, Brown manages the installation and support of computing equipment in professional offices across campus. This often requires him to make on-site visits for troubleshooting, setting up or relocating computers, and providing support for faculty and staff with specialized hardware and software needs. 

Brown serves as the primary supervisor for the Helpdesk, which is located in the Odum Library. He is responsible for training and managing a group of student workers who provide information and assistance to walk-up customers, facilitate wireless connectivity in the residence halls, and maintain technology found throughout the library.  

Brown also volunteers to support the technology needs for key campus events, like orientation and commencement, and he is one of the on-call staff for campus technology emergencies.  

Benjamin Li, deputy chief officer for Technical Support Services, describes Brown as “a role model for the values we hope to inspire” across the Division of Information Technology and the rest of the university. He says Brown “truly values customer service, ownership of needs, and responsiveness and is willing to share his knowledge with others.”  

Li says many at VSU consider Brown to be their go-to person for anything technology related. They frequently honor him with I Caught You Caring recognitions for his excellent service. 

“Carl Brown takes the initiative to tackle challenging issues and responds to the needs of VSU customers to help them perform their jobs efficiently and effectively,” Li adds. “His critical thinking and problem-solving skills are put to the test every time he goes to troubleshoot a complex technical issue in an office or set up technology for an event.  He looks at challenges as opportunities and always provides service with a smile.”  

Brown says the most challenging aspect of his job is making sure that he keeps up with the dynamic world of technology, which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern society. The rapidly changing technology landscape requires him to make learning — exposing his mind to new ideas, technologies, and processes — a priority.  

“Carl Brown is a champion for change and continuous improvement,” Li says. “Service excellence, positivity, and ownership of the needs of others permeate every aspect of what he does. These factors have not only made him an effective campus partner to the customers he serves but also an ideal role model for the employees he supervises. His ability to think beyond the present has highly impacted our ability to be prepared for the future.” 

When not serving the university community, Brown enjoys spending time with his family, making music, and taking pictures. He lives in Valdosta with his wife, Kimberly Brown, and their four children, Janaya Brown, 14, MiKayla Brown, 9, Aryn Brown, 7, and Carlisle Brown IV, 1.  

VSU’s Council on Staff Affairs presents the Employee of the Semester Award at the end of every fall and spring semester. All full-time classified staff members are eligible to be nominated for the honor. Second place went to Lori Overlaur, administrative assistant for the Office of Financial Services. Third place went to Maggie Vallotton, senior administrative coordinator for College of the Arts Outreach. 


See what was said about Carl from his fellow colleagues:

"Carl Brown is a computer services operator for the Division of Information Technology. His duties are split between the Desktop Support and Helpdesk areas. He is a role model for the values we hope to inspire across the team. Carl volunteers to support technology needs for key campus events such as Orientation and Commencement and is one of the on-call staff for campus technology emergencies. His critical thinking and problem-solving skills are put to the test each time he goes to troubleshoot a complex technical issue in an office or sets up technology for an event. Carl personally invested time into ensuring the team’s training needs were fulfilled, but also incorporated many of their written training documents into a centralized repository for student assistants to access.

Carl looks at challenges as opportunities and always provides service with a smile. As a result, many of the staff in these departments consider Carl to be their go-to person for all their IT needs. He established a temporary remote support team who had the tools and training needed to assist students with wireless connectivity and other troubleshooting needs without having to conduct an on-site visit. Carl Brown is a champion for change and continuous improvement. His ability to think beyond the present has highly impacted our ability to be prepared for the future."


We are so proud of all of our employees, especially all of our Spring 2022 Employee of the Semester nominees!


Carl Brown (1st Place) 
Lori Overlaur (2nd Place)
Maggie Vallotton (3rd Place)
Shannon McGee 
Susan Jones 
Rafiah A Jenkins 
Wayne Thomas 
Caleb Reid 
Terence Sullivan

We acknowledge and celebrate the successes of our employees. The Employee of the Semester Award is recognition of outstanding performance by Valdosta State University classified staff members who have contributed to the mission and goals of the university.  These employees exemplify the values of Valdosta State University.

The objective of this program is to create positive role models and to identify noteworthy accomplishments of valuable employees who through their hard work and dedication have positively impacted the Valdosta State University community.

All VSU full-time classified staff employees, excluding COSA members, are eligible to be nominated for employee of the semester.  The nominated employee must have satisfactory or above satisfactory performance on performance appraisals and no outstanding disciplinary actions. Must be a VSU employee attending VSU.

Employees recognized under this program will have made a significant contribution to the University clearly beyond the scope of the assigned responsibilities and duties of their position under one or more of the following categories:

  • Innovative Idea

  • Team Effort

  • Problem Solving

  • Customer Service

Examples of specific employee contributions to VSU that may be considered are:
  • Fiscal responsibility – accomplishes savings in cost and/or time

  • Mentoring/Leadership – willingness to assist others do their jobs better

  • Results-oriented - goes the extra mile to meet a critical deadline or deliverable

  • Initiative – demonstrates extraordinary resourcefulness and the ability to act and make sound decisions without direction from others

  • Collaboration – demonstrates outstanding teamwork in the achievement of VSU or department objectives

  • Attitude – keeps a consistently positive attitude toward fellow staff, faculty and students despite workload demands

  • Creativity – applies innovation or creativity to their job duties

  • Service – provides inspired service to students, faculty, staff or the public that goes beyond what is expected

  • Inclusion – significantly furthers diversity goals and/or makes a major contribution in promoting an inclusive work environment

  • Stewardship - implements a process or takes some action which significantly reduces risk at VSU

  • Role Model- provides an example to others within or outside of their department

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