Accessing the “Make a Payment” icon:

Menu Path:      My Account>Click Make a Payment or


Making a Payment as an Authorized User

Menu Path:      Payments> Click Make a Payment



The following screen will appear:

Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\amount or term.png


Select the term and edit payment amount and click “Continue"

The following screen will appear: 


Selecting a payment method

Chose a Payment method using the drop down box

Then Click “Select”

If paying by electronic check, the following screen will appear

Submission of payment 

Review the data

If the data is correct, Click “Submit payment”

If paying by credit card from the following page select “Credit Card via Paypath”

Credit Card Payment via PayPath

Then Click “Select”

The following screen will appear. 

Continue to Paypath

Review details then click “Continue to Paypath”


The following screen will appear


Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\Paypath2.png

 "Service fee is 2.85% as of 5/1/18"

Click Continue to confirm