Other Faculty Funding Opportunities

  • Faculty Scholarship:  The mission of Faculty Scholarship is to help fund VSU faculty to present papers at regional, national, and/or international academic conferences, to attend meetings and workshops which focus on curriculum development and instructional improvement activities.  Coordinated by the Division of Academic Affairs

  • Faculty Research Seed Grant:  The goal of the FRSG Program is to support faculty research and creative activity in the furtherance of the scholarly mission of the University.  Program objectives are: To assist early-stage scholars in establishing themselves as independent investigators or artists, thus increasing their chances of scholarly publication, extramural funding for research, or comparable recognition in the creative arts. To assist established scholars in transitioning to a new avenue of inquiry or creative activity; in performing exploratory high risk research for which external funding is currently unlikely; in determining the feasibility of conducting a larger, more complex research or creative project; or in developing preliminary data to support an extramural funding application; or, in the arts, to pursue a new avenue of creative activity.

  • Faculty Internationalization Fund:  Faculty Internationalization Fund (FIF) is a specifically designed VSU instrument to promote faculty exposure to and participation in international education and research. Funding for individual projects is provided on a competitive basis for activities aligned with academic units' and the University's strategic plans in the international dimension.  Coordinated by the Center for International Programs.

  • Federal Grant Opportunities:  The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Administration (OSPRA) provides a list of available external funding grants.  GrantSelect - Offering over 13,000 funding opportunities and the largest collection of sponsored research opportunities, GrantSelect is the most effective and comprehensive tool available for any grant seeker.  State Funding Opportunities - State of Georgia, Georgia Humanities Council, Georgia Council for the Arts, Georgia.org Grants.

  • L. Brown Visiting Scholar Award: Grant awards under this program focus on enabling an academic unit, or a multidisciplinary group of academic units to bring recognized international faculty to campus for a period of up to one academic year (beginning Fall or Spring semesters).  Coordinated by the Center for International Programs.

  • Library Reference and Special Collections:  The Library has set aside money for the use of departments with needs that cannot be with their regular allocation. These funds are intended to assist departments by:
    • Supporting the startup of new courses or programs.
    • Supporting new faculty research.
    • Strengthening collecitons prior to an accreditation visit.

Contingency funds are made available twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The Chair of Library Affairs Committee will announce the availability of funds via the faculty mailing list. Application requires a Request Form and its supporting Bibliography. Completed forms should be emailed to the current Chaif of the Library Affairs Committee. The Library Affairs Committee determines the awarding of contingency funds. https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/library/depts/acquistions/allocation-of-funds.php

  • Additional Time for Research:  Depending on departmental needs, faculty may be able to apply for a one-class reassignment to pursue a scholarly project Faculty Course Reassigned Time Request and Application for Academic Leave.

  • Tuition Assistance Program:  The tuition assistance program is available to full time benefits-eligible employees of the USG who have successfully completed at least six (6) months of employment in a benefits-eligible position, as of the date of the TAP application deadline for the desired academic semester.  Coordinated by Human Resources and Employee Development.

  • Tuition Assistance Program Book Scholarship:  The Council on Staff Affairs sponsors book scholarships to assist employees enrolled at VSU through the Tuition Assistance Program.  Contact a Council on Staff Affairs representative for more information.