(JULY 2023-JUNE 2024)

*In the case of co-authored presentations only one award can be received.

Scholarships in this category are designated for faculty members that have a paper or presentation accepted at a professional meeting or conference. Please submit completed packet via Docusign routing as per the instructions on the application form. Application packets must reach Mrs. Anita Bosch by deadlines established on the 2024-2025 FSRC Meeting Dates website.

To be considered for funding in this category, the applicant must:

  • Submit a professional presentation scholarship application via DocuSign. Must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs seven (7) working days prior to the FSRC scheduled monthly meeting date.

  • Application must include appropriate documentation indicating invitation/acceptance of the applicant to a meeting/conference.

  • A letter of acceptance and/or a published program should accompany the grant application.

**Do not submit a Request to Travel that includes Faculty Scholarship until you have an award letter.

For traveling by vehicle or flying, below are the steps to follow:

Check to see if a university fleet vehicle is available at:  If fleet vehicle is not available, complete a Car Cost Comparison. If the car cost comparison shows it is cheaper to rent and you choose to drive your own vehicle you will be reimbursed at a reduced rate.If you are flying, please complete a Flight Comparison. Make sure to click on the Compare Surrounding Flights button tool (or do a "screen shot") on the website you use so you will get a comparison. This is the page you should print and provide along with flight purchased receipt.

When completing expense reports refer to your faculty scholarship detailed award letter from Anita Bosch, Coordinator Faculty Scholarship.

**Expense Reports (eReports) should be initiated no later than 60 days from return of travel via MyVSU portal. Make sure to attach required documentation(s) such as original receipts for expenses and/or conference programs in the portal. Receipts for meals are not required as they are reimbursed at established per diem rates.

**GSA-Domestic Per Diem Rates