Will Faculty Scholarships fund travel to professional meetings?

These scholarships do not usually fund travel to annual or general purpose meetings. They can fund travel to special or one-of-a-kind meetings that have a narrowly-defined pedagogical or curricular focus. They may also fund extra expenses incurred by faculty who wish to attend particularly relevant pre-convention or post-convention workshops. Applications must clearly show the connection between specific sessions at such meetings and specific classroom activities in particular courses. (Copies of the syllabi for affected courses should be attached). Applicants should also explain why the information or skills offered are not available in print, or though internet discussion groups, or through other means.

Will Faculty Scholarships fund international travel?

Currently, there is a $1000 (effective July 1, 2013) maximum award per grant. Due to the limited availability of funds, faculty members are asked to carefully consider whether international travel is the best use of scarce travel funds. For this reason, faculty are encouraged to discuss travel plans with their department head prior to booking any travel.