About SmartPath Core

What is SmartPath Core?

Valdosta State University’s SmartPath Core empowers you to reach your  college goals, no matter where you live or the pace you choose for your studies. With SmartPath Core, you will have all the tools and resources of a established university at your fingertips. VSU’s SmartPath Core offers a direct path to online core courses that allow you to complete your core coursework for a bachelor’s degree in a non-science major in as little as three semesters of enrollment. SmartPath Core isn’t just online core courses, it lets you set a clear map and path from the beginning to the end of your core requirements, leading you seamlessly into a VSU online or on-campus degree program. 

The SmartPath Core Difference

Developed by top VSU faculty, you can expect courses that are easy to navigate and consistent in the quality of instruction. These courses let you focus on learning rather than navigating the technology. SmartPath Core instructors heavily promote student engagement, success, and retention. You can expect to get to know your instructors and your peers as this is integrated into the design of each course. Developed with the student in mind, SmartPath Core courses are never full and always available. If you meet the prerequisite requirements, you are guaranteed access to any SmartPath Core course that you need. 

Program Features

SmartPath Core

Typical Online Programs

Taught by faculty from an accredited, established university
Online and on-Campus flexibility
Serves the needs of dual-enrollment high school students
Intuitive online navigation of courses
Instructors promote student engagement, success and retention
Courses have unlimited enrollment – they are never full
Affordable courses
Build relationships with faculty and classmates
Transitions to a respected degree program
Student support and advocacy throughout
Academic advising services throughout
Cutting-edge online tools to support you in all aspects of learning
Online or on-campus tutoring provided
Financial aid helps pay for courses
Financial aid can pay for books online or at the VSU Bookstore
You can visit the faculty on campus where they teach if needed
Can progress in courses 24 hours a day
Convenient and flexible access based on your time and availability