Tuition Assistance Requirements

(Tuition Assistance is issued in accordance with AFI 36-2306)

Provided courtesy of Moody Air Force Base, Education Office

  • TA Briefings:
    Tuesdays, 3:00 p.m.
    Thursdays, 9:00 a.m.
  • Air Force provides 100% TA and applicable fees.  Maximum TA allowed is $4,500 per fiscal year; $250 per semester hour or $166.67 per quarter hour.
  • Military member will not receive TA if ...
    • Failed PT
    • UIF
    • On Control Roster
    • Referral OPR/EPR
  • TA pays for…
    • Courses that you must complete for your CCAF degree.
    • Courses to receive Associates, Bachelor’s, or Masters Degree from a nationally or regionally accredited Institution.  Note:  Must have an approved degree plan or evaluation on file.
    • Courses that will lead to one certification, license or diploma per your military career.  Note:  Must have an approved Vocational Plan of Study on file.
    • Technology and lab fees associated with distance learning and science courses.

  • TA does not pay for…
    • Courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree you already possess (i.e. Second Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree).
    • Admission, graduation nor book cost.
    • Technology and lab fees associated with distance learning and science courses (At VSU all fees are waived for AD military)
    • Courses after late registration.
    • Repeat courses taken unless remimbursed
    • Non-degree courses.
  • TA important information…
    • You must apply for TA online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC). Click on link through the Air Force Portal home page.
    • Prior to applying for TA you must clear any mandatory updates.  Mandatory updates are listed at the top of the AFVEC home page. 
    • TA can be issued 45 days before start of class but no later than 7 days prior to term/semester start date.  Exceptions require approval.
    • TA must be issued and approved prior to the start of each class.  Student could be liable for TA not completed and approved prior to the start date.
    • TA must be completed by military member online and digitally signed by the education office and member before it is considered approved. 
    • Military member ensures college/university receives a copy of the TA voucher (AF Form 1227).
    • Once TA is issued for a course, no substitutions or changes will be made without education services approval.
    • Airmen who have a CCAF degree are not eligible to receive a civilian associate's degree but my pursue subsequent CCAF degree(s).
    • Once an academic plan is turned in by the military member it cannot be changed without a counselor’s pre approval.
    • Personnel must maintain good academic standing to receive TA (a cumulative GPA of 2.0 undergraduate level and a 3.0 for the graduate level).
    • TA can be issued for up to 12 semester hours for undergraduate courses at the same level when it is a prerequisite for a higher level degree.  TA is NOT authorized for post graduate level courses.
    • TA recipients are responsible for ensuring grades are reported to the Education within 60 days of course completion; if grades are not posted after 60 days the member will reimburse the TA.  Once this happens, it is irrevocable even if a passing grade is turned in.
    • Any course with letter grade “W” (withdrawal) requires reimbursement unless waiver process has been completed and approved.
    • Any course with letter grade  of "F" or “I” (incomplete) must be completed in the allotted time prescribed by the school.  However, you must reimburse the government if a satisfactory grade is not submitted to the Education office 120 days from the end of the term.  Once this happens, it is irrevocable even if a passing grade is turned in.
    • TA must be reimbursed for undergraduates receiving an “D” and for graduates receiving a “C".
    • Grades must be turned in two weeks prior to last day at MAFB.    
    • Certification programss must be associated with the Airmen'ts current primary AFSC only.
    • Officers incur an active duty service commitment of 2 years upon course completion date.
    • The MAFB Education Center prohibits military members from taking more than two classes for terms shorter than 9 weeks and three classes for terms shorter than 16 weeks.
    • If you are working on certification courses and civilian degree courses during the same fiscal year, the TA cap is $4,500.00.
    • The Education Center has academic counselors that can provide guidance to you on topics such as: CCAF requirements, distance learning programs, school accreditation, GI Bill benefits, etc.
    • The centralization office located at Randolph AFB will be handling all TA payments to schools, reimbursement actions and waiver requests.