There are several services offered at the NMC that are either free (Equipment Circulation, Room Reservation, and 1-on-1 assistance) or services that are paid via cash or check (i.e. 3D printing, Poster Printing, or Media Transfer and Duplication). See the list below to learn more about each of these services. 

For a price listing and a way to make a request for print services, go to our Price List page. 

Available Services

Equipment Circulation: The NMC offers currently enrolled students, staff, and faculty a large array of A/V equipment for a 1-week loan. Check out our page for available equipment to see what we have. 

  • General Borrower Agreement Request Form: Good for at most a 1-week loan period. This is to reserve items like a laptop, projector, Block Rocker, and camcorder.
  • Faculty/Staff Laptop Loan Request Form: This form has selectable time frames of more than a 1-week period for Faculty and Staff who need a laptop to work remotely. This is at most good for a full semester. See the form for more details.
  • MY Library Account: Check your Library Account for items on loan to you. This can range from Books to A/V equipment. Sign-in using your VSU credentials. 


The NMC has several spaces for patrons to visit and use. We have 3 Lab/Classroom spaces that can be reserved for instruction or group meetings, 3 editing suites, 1 green screen room, and 1 light board studio.  

Tour Facility: This page contains a table listing all of our rooms. This also has a calendar for each room that is able to be reserved. 

Reserve a Room: Use this form if you want to schedule time in one of our spaces. Please note that all spaces are available only during the times for which the NMC is open. 

Free Service for VSU Students, Staff, and Faculty while using the NMC Xerox Printer. Bring your VSU 1-Card to start the process. Faxing instructions are by the Xerox printer. Assistance can also be provided for patron's needing help from an NMC staff member.

Our fax line is 229-219-1362.

If an item is faxed to us and not picked up by the patron receiving the fax, then it will be shredded and tossed out. We will only hold onto fax items for no more than 1-business day. It would be best to be at the NMC while waiting for your fax to come through if receiving a fax. 

At this time, the NMC doesn't provide pre-scheduled workshops. We can explore the option of giving 1-on-1 training or a workshop for a group or class if requested. This service is not guaranteed as this depends on available staffing for the desired time for a workshop. Email us at or use our online form to request a workshop. See what we have to offer by going to our Workshop page.

Example workshops topics can be:

  • Poster Creation for the Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Video Editing
  • Screen Capture
  • Photoshop tools and features
  • Capture and editing audio narration

3D PrintingStudents, Staff, and Faculty can use the Creality Ender-5 S1 3d printers to print 3d models (STL or OBJ) file types that have been pre-generated using software like AutoCAD, Gimp, or Sketchup. Students can also pull down files that are non-copyright work from sources like Thingiverse or Sketchfab.

Print Services Include:

Check out our price list for estimates or email us at to send in a request. You may also complete the Poster Request Form.

  • large Format Printing
    • Roll Types Offered are Matte Plain Paper and Coated Paper
    • Price is based on linear inch of what is printed
    • We start with a 24" wide roll 
    • We go up to a 42" wide roll
    • Able to print sizes like all of the ANSI series or ARCH series print scales
  • Laminating
    • Card Laminator (2.25"x3.75")
    • 24" Wide Laminator Roll
    • Not recommended for Glossy Photo Paper or heat sensitive documents
  • Foam Board Mounting
    • We use spray adhesive glue cans
    • Performed outside
    • Foam Boards are all 24"x36"
      • Black
      • White
      • Used (May not always be available)
    • Tri-folds are all 36"x48"
      • Spray Mounting is not recommended for this scale
  • Binding
    • Non-thesis Binding Services (If doing a Thesis Binding go here
    • Comb Binding (Letter)
    • Velo Binding (Letter)

  • Xerox printing on multiple media types, sizes and sides
    • Transparency (Letter)
    • Cardstock (Letter)
    • Glossy Cardstock (Letter, Tabloid)
    • Plain Paper (Letter, Legal, Tabloid)

The NMC will perform basic scanning and editing functions. Examples of a scan service would be 35 mm slide projector scans for a service fee of $15/hour. We can also show someone how to perform this task and have the VSU patron use our open lab resources to perform scans while we are open at no cost. 

For a full list of scanning services go to our page here: Digital Scanning and Editing.

We don't provide editing services unless it is to compile videos captured from a VHS or basic poster modifications like creating a simple poster banner design that says Happy Birthday. For more complex designs, we can show someone how to do this or we may have to refer Faculty and Staff to use the Creative Services department for support on marketing material needed. We do this in order to maintain academic integrity and to ensure we aren't competing for services already provided on campus. 

Media transfer and duplication: We can either duplicate work or convert media from one format to another. If we duplicate material, then this would be considered doing something like a tower run of our DVD to DVD machine. We can also convert from say a VHS to DVD or Hi-8 to DVD. This process can be lengthy to accomplish as it is capturing the video in realtime. 

A few examples of duplication/conversion projects:

  • (AUDIO ONLY) 7.5-inch reel-reel to .MP3/WAV, CD or DVD 
  • Mini Digital Video Cassette to DVD
  • VHS-C to regular DVD
  • Hi-8 to DVD (patrons must bring Hi-8 Camera)

Prices will vary depending on what is needed. We won't duplicate or capture copyright work unless written permission is provided by the Copyright owner. 

VSU adheres to the copyright policy set by the University System of Georgia and TEACH guidelines. You may request the Odum Library New Media Center to capture your video clips from a DVD or VHS tape for access behind a BlazeVIEW D2L course shell. All copyrighted videos to be available in D2L must follow the criterion found on this webpage:Blazeview Video Streaming.

Digital Signage Request: The New Media Center will manage digital flyers or videos that are setup at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Requests for signage just in Odum Library or across campus can be made using this request form.  

The New Media Center adheres to the copyright policy set forth by Valdosta State University. Specifically, Valdosta State University recognizes the importance of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and prohibits copying or use of copyrighted material not specifically permitted or exempted by law. Further, the University places liability for willful infringement upon the person making or requesting the copy, or using the material. Any copyright questions should be directed to the Copyright Committee or the University Librarian. (VSU Faculty Handbook, p92).

What this means for the New Media Center is that we cannot and do not make illegal copies of any type of media. Media’s facilities are not available to be used for such actions including, but not limited to: unauthorized music or software downloads and/or burns, unauthorized receipt and/or transmission of any kind of proprietary materials without either a license or other form of permission expressly granted by the respective owner of those materials. Media can make copies of any authorized materials for which the user has obtained either a license or some other form of legal permission.