Student Health Center 

Routine health care, along with some emergency care, is provided for all students who have satisfied health fee requirements. Preventive care including physicals, pap smears, some preventive immunizations, HIV screening, cholesterol screening, disability screening, weight control, injury rehabilitation as well as self care pamphlets are readily available to all students. Care is provided by a physician, a nurse practitioner, a pharmacist, a medical technologist, registered nurses, and office staff. 

Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center offers an atmosphere in which students may discuss their personal, social, or educational concerns with a trained professional. All services are provided free of charge and all counseling information remains confidential. 

Family Works

A student-run clinic that offers their free services to any individual, family, couple, and child for various issues including, depression, anxiety, roommate problems, difficulty with communication, relationship issues, and more. They also offer, if you would like, a consultation team which is a team of therapists that work together with a licensed therapist to help with the client’s presented problem. The idea is that “more heads are better than one!"

Hours:8:00am-9:00 pm and on the weekends by appointment.
Location: On campus on the corner of Patterson and Gordon Street (across from Crescent House). Click here for a map
Contact: 229-219-1281 

Odum Library

The Odum Library provides collections that include not only books, but audio-visuals, archives, government documents, magazines, journals, music, recordings, electronic books, and online access to GALILEO and other scholarly databases. The Reference Services and the Media Services provide comprehensive student support. A 95,000 square feet expansion to the Odum Library doubles the size of the facility and features an Internet cafe, computer labs, GALILEO Technology Center, and a 100 seat auditorium. 

Computer labs

To prepare students for the technology-based Information Age, Valdosta State University has established a variety of outstanding computing facilities and services to support its students. There are 23 labs currently at VSU with 530 computers. The skilled lab supervisors will assist you with any problems you have and will answer any questions.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Office offers students the opportunity to gain work experience directly related to their academic majors, begin their career decision-making process, and earn money for their educational expenses. Students who intend to graduate from VSU or who participate in a recognized transfer program are eligible to participate in a recognized transfer program are eligible to participate in a Co-op position. Students must obtain Sophomore status before being placed in a Co-op position and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. Over 150 local, regional, and national employers participate in the VSU Co-op Program. Employers include 500 Companies and major federal agencies, as well as smaller firms both local and throughout the southeast. 

Career Services 

Career Services offers a variety of programs to assist VSU students in choosing their major programs of study and career objectives, in obtaining practical work experience as part of their academic program, and in obtaining satisfactory employment upon graduation. Individual career counseling is available for students who wish to explore how their abilities, values, and interests match particular career fields. 

Student Dining Services

The VSU Dining Services strives to provide students, staff, and faculty with a wide variety of healthy menu options at several locations around campus. 

Housing and Residence Life

Valdosta State University provides approximately 2300 beds for undergraduate and graduate students through a mix of traditional residence halls and apartments.


VSU Parking and Transportation

VSU has campus buses that run during the school year, and is a service that is provided to students at no charge. However, the campus buses only run between North Campus and the Main Campus.