Below is helpful information about Tuition and Financial aid

The tuition charged depends on how many courses taken and the method of course delivery (online or on campus). Students who are in completely online, non-GOML programs are charged the eTuition rate and may not have to pay the same fees as on-campus students. Tuition and Fee Schedule

Please review the information in the below link for in-state tuition qualifications and the steps to ensure out-of-state fees are not charged. Residency Information

Our collaborative GOML programs are assessed at a different tuition rate from our non-GOML online programs. For GOML programs, courses are $385 per credit hour. No other fees are assessed. Tuition/fees do not include the cost of books or supplemental materials.

The Office of Financial Aid's Website has a wealth of information on applying for funding sources. For graduate students, student loans are the primary source of financial aid. For a general list of possible financial aid sources, please click here.

After acceptance to graduate school, you can apply for a Graduate Assistantship. These appointments result in a reduced tuition rate and a stipend in addition to learning valuable skills in your field. For out-of-state students, graduate assistantships also eliminate the non-resident tuition rate.

Please click HOW TO PAY FEES for the instructions for paying tuition and fees. You will find the types of payment accepted, where to pay, how much to pay, and fee payment FAQ's.