Application Status Check

Thank you for applying to The Graduate School at Valdosta State University! Please complete the following steps in their exact order to check the status of your application for your graduate program.  

Please be advised: VSU does not require applicants to provide their social security numbers (SSNs) on their applications, however, applications without SSNs may have difficulty accessing the information in the status check portal. Please contact the Graduate School for assistance regarding this issue.

Step One

Know your student ID number. (This number begins with the digits "870"). If you do not know your student ID number, please use the instructions in the ID Lookup link to find this information. This ID number is also located at the bottom of all official correspondence with The Graduate School office, such as acknowledgement letters, etc.

Step Two

Using the ID from the previous step, follow the prompts in the Status Check Login. Click Submit once all fields are completed.

Step Three

At the landing page, locate the Graduate Application section toward the bottom of the page. Using the drop down menu, select the application you would like to view. Then click the "View Graduate Application" button.

If you are taken to a page that references "Undergraduate Admissions" at the top, simply click the "<<<Return to Student Services Menu<<<" link to be directed to the correct screen.

Please note: the menu lists applications by term and major. 

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Should you have any problems logging in to check the status of your application, please contact The Graduate School at or at 229-333-5694.