Graduate School Application Status Check

TEST SCORE NOTICE: Many of our departments that typically require test scores for admission are waiving them due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The test score waiver varies by program. For waiver updates, please visit the individual program at the link below. If you have questions about your desired program, please contact the Graduate School at or 229-333-5694.

To determine what documents are needed to complete your application and to upload some of your items, please visit the Self-Service Center:  Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step One

Visit  Login using the same credentials you created for your application.  If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Username/Password?” link.  Please do not try to create a new account under a different email!  If you have trouble, contact our office at

Step Two

Click “Summary” for the semester you applied for.  If you have more than one entry in the applications screen, any that have a status of “Payment Received” have been submitted.  If you are unsure of the semester, the following codes might help: GR 202008 is Fall 2020;  GR 202102 is Spring 2021; GR201205 is Summer 2021; GR201208 is Fall 2021.  If your application wasn’t submitted, it will have a status of “Did not finish Application” and you can click the “continue” button to complete it.

 Account Summary

Step Three

After clicking on "Summary," your checklist for the chosen semester will show up.  Any requirements that haven’t been received/uploaded will have “! Not Received” in the status column.  If you can upload a document yourself, it will say “Upload” in the Action column.  To upload a document, click “Upload” and you can select the file you wish to upload in the dialog box that pops up.

If your program requires recommendations, the recommenders you listed on your application will show up in the “Recommendation” section.  If their response hasn’t been submitted, the Status column will say “! Pending.” If it has been received, it says “Received” and the date is noted in the Received column.  You can “Resend the Invitation” by clicking that link in the Action Column.  You can cancel that recommendation and add a different recommender by clicking “Cancel” in the Action column.

 Recommendation Section

Step Four

Once all your items have been received, we will change your status to “Complete Ready for Review” (that message will show up instead of “Payment Received”) and we send it to the department for a decision.  Once the decision is returned and we have it processed, your status will change to “Decision Made.”

Should you have any problems logging in to check the status of your application, please contact The Graduate School at or at 229-333-5694.