The purpose of the student aid program is to help make higher education a reality for persons who would be unable to attend without financial assistance. Financial aid is awarded only to eligible students who have been admitted to the University. Transient students, irregular students, and non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid. The financial aid application and financial statement may be submitted at any time after the applicant has applied for admission. Financial aid applications are accepted as long as resources permit, and priority is given to those submitted by May 1. Applicants may be eligible for aid from an extensive list of grants, federal programs, loans, work, or scholarships. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid's website for directions on applying.

Financial Aid Academic Requirements

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, students must be making satisfactory academic progress, both in quality and quantity, to qualify for and continue to receive Title IV federal financial aid. Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.0 in order to be eligible for financial aid.


  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance

Other Federal Programs

  • Veterans Administration Assistance

  • Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty)

  • Montgomery GI Bill (Selected Reserve)

  • Health Professionals Educational Assistance Programs


  • Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loan

  • Service Cancelable Loans

  • VSU Short-Term Loans


  • Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP)
  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Other Employment


  • Gail Aberson Scholarship

  • Vicky Lynne Foshee Scholarship

  • Air Force ROTC

  • Kairos Scholarship

  • KFC of Nashville and Waycross Scholarship

  • KFC of Valdosta Scholarship

  • Harley and Eileen Langdale Employee Dependent Scholarship

  • Dorthy Smith Salter Scholarship

  • Athletic Scholarships