Early Childhood Education (p-5)

The Department of Elementary Education offers the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Early Childhood Education. The M.Ed. curriculum is designed to build upon the professional base of knowledge developed from the undergraduate curriculum. Candidates are expected to refine this base, developing abilities to deal with more of the intricate aspects of the teaching experience.

M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

In the Master of Education program in Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, research, and dominant theories of child development and learning and the application of these to the teaching of young children. You will master the knowledge and skills appropriate to the areas of research, learning, educational assessment, ethics, and law. Using this knowledge of young children, you will develop learning environments which address the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural needs of all young children. You will develop and implement formal and informal assessment procedures to assess child development and learning, educational environments, and curricula for early childhood education.

Beginning Summer 2014, the M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education is now a fully-online program.