Advising Centers

College of the Arts

COA Advising Center Website

Room 3200, Converse Hall


Langdale College of Business Administration

LCOBA Advising Center Website

Third Floor, Thaxton Hall


Dewar College of Education & Human Services

COEHS Advising Center Website

Room 1020, Education Center


College of Humanities & Social Sciences

CHSS Advising Center Website

Room 1001, Ashley Hall


College of Nursing & Health Sciences

CONHS Advising Center Website

Room 4002C, Health Sciences and Business Administration Building


College of Science & Mathematics

CSM Advising Center Website

Room 3200, Converse Hall




Alcohol and Drug Education

Counseling Center, Located in the Student Health Center

  • Questions about alcohol or other drugs
  • Problems consuming too much alcohol
  • Questions/concerns about marijuana
  • VSU policy on drugs and alcohol

Career Help and Information

Career Opportunities

Student Union, 2nd Floor, Room 2218

  • Career counseling
  • On-campus interviews
  • Resume referral
  • Part time job listings
  • Development seminars
  • Career Days

Students may:

  • Learn while working in a specific career field.
  • Test your skills and interests in that field.
  • See how classroom theory applies in a work setting.
  • Obtain valuable, documented work experience.
  • Develop a better understanding of others and improve skills in human relations.
  • Obtain contacts and possibly a reference for future employment.
  • Receive earnings (in most work experiences) to help defray college costs.


Counseling Center

Located in the Student Health Center

  • Individual/Group therapy

  • Educational counseling

  • Stress reduction

  • Time management

  • Leadership skills

  • Eating disorders

  • Dealing with difficult people

Disability Services

Access Office for Students with Disabilities

Farbar Hall

  • Tutoring
  • Faculty liaisons
  • Technology services
  • Classroom testing modifications
  • Sing language interrupting/note taking services
  • System testing modifications
  • Campus accessibility
  • Priority registration

Disciplinary Problems

Office of Judicial Affairs

Student Union, Third Floor

  • Student Code of Conduct

Distance Education

Center for eLearning

Room 2616 Odum Library

  • Support for all Vista users
  • Development of training materials for Vista and distance learning technologies
  • Training for faculty and staff in Vista and distance learning technologies
  • Design, development, and implementation of on-line courses with faculty
  • Assist faculty and staff with advanced learning technologies such as:
    • Set-up and facilitate IP Video Conferencing
    • Facilitate and conduct Web Conferences and special events
    • Handle Vista tech support calls elevated beyond the Helpdesk

Diversity Issues

Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Student Union, 3rd Floor

  • Recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid

University Center

  • Check aid
  • Scholarship/Grants/Loan  information
  • HOPE information
  • Work Study information

Foreign Language Requirements

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

1306 West Hall

  • Foreign Language education
  • Tutoring in foreign language
  • Academic Advising for foreign language majors

Graduation Questions

Registrar’s Office

University Center

  • Graduation requirements/questions
  • Academic calendar
  • Class schedules
  • Withdrawal process questions
  • Registration guide
  • DegreeWorks guide

Student Health Services

Student Health Center

  • Medical questions/problems

Housing Information

Housing & Residence Life

Hopper Hall, 1st Floor

  • Residence Halls
  • Housing Rates
  • Residence life/events

International Programs/Students

Center for International Programs

204 Georgia Avenue

  • International studies minor information
  • Study abroad programs
  • English language institute information
  • Applications and processes

Legal Questions

Office of Legal Affairs

Powell Hall, 2nd Floor

  • Interrupting State and Federal laws
  • Formulating and issuing legal opinions
  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents
  • Statutes and Policies of VSU

Medical Withdrawals after Midterm

Dean of Students Office

Student Union, 3rd Floor

  • Withdrawal Policy
  • Medical Withdrawal
  • Hardship Withdrawal

Parking and Transportation

Parking & Transportation

Sustella Parking Deck

  • Citation payment and appeals
  • Permit Purchases

Public Safety

University Police

Oak Street Parking Deck

  • Crime Prevention
  • Investigations
  • Lost and Found
  • Patrol
  • Records
  • Crime safety alerts

Standardized Testing

Office of Testing

University Center, Room 4167

  • Tests offered
  • Testing schedule
  • Testing forms

Transfer Questions

Office of Admissions

1413 N. Patterson Street

  • Transcript requirements
  • Admission requirements
  • Transfer evaluation of credits
  • Application Status Check

Transcript Questions

Registrar’s Office

University Center

  • Needs to request a transcript
  • Sees a problem on a transcript

Tuition and Fee Payment

University Bursary

University Center

  • How to pay fees
  • Tuition and fee payment schedule and deadlines
  • Refunds/withdrawals
  • Excess Check Disbursement
  • Students account information


Academic Support Center

Odum Library, Second Floor Learning Commons

  • Academic advising
  • Tutoring
  • Time management and studies skills help