• 3D Printing

    3D Printing


Available Services

Audio Editing: using Creative Studios Wave Editor and Adobe Audition

Digital Imaging: using Adobe Photoshop for graphic editing and design

Scanning: using Adobe Photoshop to scan images

Video Editing: using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut

Media transfer and duplication: transferring media to different formats and duplication of media

3D Printing: Students, Staff, and Faculty can use the Makerbot Replicator 3D printer to print out 3D models that have been pre-generated using software like AutoCAD and Gimp

Blazeview Video Streaming: video streaming inside the Blazeview Academic Enterprise System

Traditional Services: laminating, spiral binding, color printing, making color transparencies, large format printing(22x34 inch posters)

Copyright Policy

The Media Center adheres to the copyright policy set forth by Valdosta State University. Specifically, Valdosta State University recognizes the importance of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and prohibits copying or use of copyrighted material not specifically permitted or exempted by law. Further, the University places liability for willful infringement upon the person making or requesting the copy, or using the material. Any copyright questions should be directed to the Copyright Committee or the University Librarian. (VSU Faculty Handbook, p92).

What this means for the Media Center is that we cannot and do not make illegal copies of any type of media. Media’s facilities are not available to be used for such actions including, but not limited to: unauthorized music or software downloads and/or burns, unauthorized receipt and/or transmission of any kind of proprietary materials without either a license or other form of permission expressly granted by the respective owner of those materials. Media can make copies of any authorized materials for which the user has obtained either a license or some other form of legal permission.