Designing Accessible Web Sites Are you a webmaster in charge of developing or revising your agency’s web site? Or are you a manager who oversees the web development efforts of your agency? Either way, you need to know how the Access Board’s standards for section 508 affect your site. Find out what accessibility is all about, what the standards are, and how to design for 508 compliance by exploring the Web-based course "Designing Accessible Web Sites".



Section 508 & Accessibility The Section 508 guidelines that pertain to the Web 1194.22 were published by the Access Board which is an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities. Web
W3 - Web Content Accessibility Guideline The WCAG guidelines contain 14 items and were created by the W3C organization. Each guideline contains several checkpoints that are more specific. The checkpoints are broken down into three categories, Priority 1, Priority 2, and Priority 3. They are sorted in order of importance with Priority 1 being the most important. Priority 1 checkpoints closely match the Section 508 guidelines. There is a useful list of checkpoints for the WCAG guidelines on their Website as well as a WCAG tutorial. Web
Resources This page provides additional links for Government Policies, General Disabilities, Web Development and Accessibility, Products and services, and Accessible Conferences. Web
5 Big Ideas Accessible Web Design: Five Big Ideas Web
Document Structure When considering print documents, you generally identify a logical document structure visually. This document from Karen McCall looks at globally at digital , web based, and print documents to find a common "structure " which means less repair when information is repurposed. PDF
ADA Standards The PDF version of the ADA Standards contains the full formatted text and graphics, as published in the Code of Federal Regulations, complete with links to figures, graphics and cross-referenced sections, making it easier for users to quickly read and understand related requirements. PDF