Student Resources


The Access Office does not offer tutoring in-house, but students may sign up for instruction in learning strategies, time management, and study skills as well as subject-specific content tutoring through the Academic Support Center.

Faculty Liaison

The Access Office will assist students in requesting accommodations from faculty. The Access Office staff prepares Accommodation Letters that verify documentation of disability and outline necessary accommodations. These letters are generally emailed to professors with a copy to the student.

Technology Services

The Access Office offers students access to adaptive technology including speech recognition software, screen magnification software, text to speech software, CCTV, computerized notetaking, closed captioning software, Braille embossing, and other resources as needed.

Classroom Testing Modifications

With appropriate documentation, students may be eligible for accommodations such as the use of a computer/word processor, extended testing time, private testing space, reader, or scribe.

Sign Language Interpreting/Notetaking Services

Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing may request interpreting services for classes, workshops, tutoring, and other co-curricular university sponsored events. For academic requests, notetaking services may also be provided.

System Testing Modifications

Registered students can request testing modifications and receive individual assistance in preparing for the COMPASS. Documentation must be reviewed and approved by the Regents' Center for Learning Disorders for system level accommodations.

Campus Accessibility

The Access Office will assist students with any accessibility issues they may have regarding building, services, or activities on campus.

Priority Registration

Students registered with the Access Office who have presented appropriate documentation of a disability are eligible for priority registration and are permitted to register on the first day of early registration, regardless of their classification. Please note that priority registration is only available on the first day of registration. Students who have not registered by 11:59 PM on this day will have to wait until their regular registration time opens before they are again allowed access.