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Students MUST register with the Access Office for access to accommodations and assistive technologies. The Access Office cannot reach out to students who may need such accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to register.


Request Captioning & Transcription of Audio/Visual Materials

As part of our commitment to sustaining an accessible environment on VSU’s campus, the Access Office will assist in transcribing and captioning materials, or obtaining captioned materials that may be used during a VSU-related activity. 

Transcription v. Captioning

A transcript is simply a written version of whatever is spoken or heard in an audio or video track.  Depending on the nature of the material, a transcript may be sufficient and equitable --  for example, an audio track or a “talking head” video with little or no visual referencing. 

Captions are the text that display on the screen during a video.  Captions provide real-time, visual access to the auditory and visual information of the video, including information about the speaker(s), environmental sounds, and music.  Some videos, due to the highly visual nature of their content, may require captions in order to be accessible and equitable. 

Students who require captioned materials in their classroom setting should include this as part of their (link)Request for Faculty Letters(link). 

Faculty can receive transcription and captioning assistance from the Access Office in a variety of ways. To request captioning or transcription, please fill out the Captioning & Transcription Request form below.

  • We will review the content to assist in determining whether transcription or captioning would be more appropriate.
  • For existing materials, we will identify if the current version of material is captioned, research materials to identify a captioned version, or communicate with the publisher to receive permission to caption.
  • For short (<15 minutes) videos in YouTube or Vimeo, the Access Office will caption the videos.
  • For longer materials (>45 minutes for a single video; >60 minutes for combined resources) depending on available resources, we may caption them in-house or facilitate a request to outsource the captioning through our BOR vendor.
  • For faculty-generated resources, we can provide training in how to caption videos in YouTube.  We can also provide assistance identifying methods to caption unique materials generated in other software platforms.

Transcribing and captioning are time-consuming tasks. 

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for requests less than 15 minutes in length.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for requests greater than 15 minutes in length. 


Please feel free to download the resources that we have available.  If you would like us to provide group or one-on-one training, you can contact Laura Byers at x2498 or by email at


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