Major in Environmental Geosciences

Environmental Geography forms a critical juncture between the natural and social sciences, exploring interactions between people and their environment. This program seeks to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to analyze environmental questions and to recommend solutions. Students majoring in Environmental Geography develop skills in field work, computer mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), and gain knowledge on climate, landforms, water resources, and environmental policy. Environmental geographers are well positioned in a society in which the environment has become a priority of many businesses and government agencies. Graduates may work in a variety of fields including environmental consulting or management, map production, spatial database management, education, or regional planning.

As a major in Environmental Geosciences, you may concentrate in either Geology or Geography.  See the checklists below for the senior curriculum.

CHECKLIST for a Concentration in Geography

CHECKLIST for a Concentration in Geology

Sample Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students in GEOGRAPHY

Sample Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students in GEOLOGY

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