What does it mean to study Environmental Geosciences?

Environmental Geosciences is a diverse field of study dealing with the Earth and its four spheres:

  • Lithosphere - the solid Earth
  • Hydrosphere - the realm of water
  • Atmosphere - the gaseous envelope surrounding Earth
  • Biosphere - the realm of living things

We offer a BS Degree in Environmental Geosciences, with a concentration in:

  • Geography - the Earth and the natural processes that modify the Earth's surface, Earth's inhabitants, their interactions with each other and with natural environment
  • Geology - the materials and structures that make up the Earth and the way they have changed throughout Earth's history

We also offer a Minor in Geology or Geography.

Our Faculty


Dr. Jason Allard, PhD Climatology

Dr. Jon Denizman, PhD

Karst Geology
Dr. Weimin Feng, PhD Geochemistry
Dr. Mark Groszos, PhD Hard Rock Geology
Dr. Jia Lu, PhD Urban & Regional Planning

Dr. Michael Noll, PhD

Cultural Geography
Dr. Donald Thieme, PhD Geo-Archeology
Dr. Paul Vincent, PhD
(Geosciences Advisor and Department Head) 
Cartography & Geographic
Information Systems 

Our Students and their Activities

VSU's Geosciences Facilities

What you can do with a Major or Minor in Environmental Geography

Geography is a rapidly growing field with job openings in a variety of careers in higher education, government, business, and industry.  Environmental geographers are employed as:

  • Environmental Analysts   
  • Hydrologists   
  • Map Makers   
  • Image Analysts   
  • Land Use Specialists   
  • Soil Conservationists   
  • Urban/rural Planners   
  • Location Analysts   
  • Travel Consultants   
  • Teachers   
  • Intelligence Officers  
  • Park Rangers   

If you would like to see a sample of other careers open to geoscientists, visit the American Geological Institute's Career Page.

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