Whether you are an entering freshman who has chosen history as a major at the beginning of your college career, a transfer student from a junior college, or a student coming to History from another major at Valdosta State University, the Department of History welcomes you. The faculty is delighted to have you as a major and is here to help you through the program all the way to graduation.

Members of the History faculty have helped in the assembly of these web pages in effort to give you as much essential information as possible about the Department of History, its staff, the major program in history, possible minors and double majors, and the employment and career opportunities for history majors. We hope that you will find these web pages to be useful as you work your way through the requirements to graduation.

We believe that in History you have chosen the best major at Valdosta State University for a person who seeks a broad education as a means of enhancing the vocational possibilities of college training or opportunities for entering graduate or professional school. For information about our Graduate program, please contact Dr. Dixie Haggard.

We hope that the time you spend as a History major will be both pleasant and profitable, and that the training you receive will provide a sound foundation for further graduate or professional education or for a solid career. Again, we welcome you as one of our students.