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An undergraduate student must have completed at least twelve semester hours in History, with a grade in all History courses averaging above the second highest grade on the working scale; must have a general average of at least the second highest grade in the working scale in at least two-thirds of the remainder of his or her work; and must rank in the highest 35% of the class.


A graduate student must have completed at least one-third of the residence requirements for the Masters Degree before becoming eligible for election to membership. Averages in all courses completed for graduate credit must be at least midway between the highest and second highest grade on the working scale, and no grade in the graduate record may be "failure" or its equivalent. In institutions which do not have the traditional ABCD grade system, the judgment of the head of the Department of History or the History faculty shall determine eligibility on the basis of equivalency with the above standards.


Faculty members above the rank of graduate assistant, who are teaching in the field of History, shall be eligible for membership without being required to satisfy provisions of the foregoing paragraphs of this section.

Continued Supporting Memberships

Initiation into a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta confers life membership on the individual. Payment of the initiation fee, in existence at that time is the only financial expense for membership on the international level. However, there are three voluntary means of continuing to actively support the projects of the society. The Sustaining Membership entails an annual contribution of $30.00 and entitles the individual to receive The Historian for one year, the News Letter for one year, and the balance goes to the endowment fund. The individual subscription rate for The Historian for subscribing members is $15.00. There is also an optional annual dues contribution of $10.00, which entitles the member to receive the three issues of the Newsletter. A member may also elect to pay only for a subscription to The Historian and the optional dues. Successful candidates are informed in May, and are inducted into the society during the annual banquet held sometime in late May or early June. Elections to the executive council also take place during the banquet. Thank you for your interest!