Phi Alpha Theta Logo - Design 2

The Psi Phi Chapter was granted to Valdosta State College on May 25, 1978. Dr. William Gabard, then Department Head of History, was the Charter Advisor. The following then students and faculty comprise the charter class of Psi Phi:

Charter Members
Byron Davis, Jr. Lawrence V. Day
John Eye Margaret J. Eye
William P. Frech William M. Gabard
Joni L. Grigg Marilyn D. Hartbarger
Wynnie L. Herndon Linda O. Hines
Ted Hopkins Kathy L. Johnson
Rebecca J. Josey John Lancaster
Robert K. Lowe Tommye H. Miller
Jean A. Mueller F. Lamar Pearson
Dale H. Peeples Mary R. Powell
Herbert E. Scruggs Gordon L. Teffeteller
Joseph A. Tomberlin Stanley K. Yamada, Jr.