Phi Alpha Theta Logo - Design 2


The symbolism of the Society is a Star, a Serpent, the Colors, and the Flower. The six-pointed star which is composed of two triangles, is worked in black enamel and laid on a circular frame, the whole encircled by a Serpent. That which governs the universe may be thought of as having three attributes: Parenthood, Spirit of Life, and Reason, which are symbolized by one of the triangles. Ancient philosophers believed that people and the world were made of these elements: Spirit, Blood, and Water. These are represented by the second triangle of the Star. The triangle with the apex below the base symbolizes the guiding principles of the universe.

  1. The Greek letter PI . . . signifies Progonos, for Parenthood.
  2. The letter PSI . . . signifies Psyche, for Spirit of Life.
  3. The letter LAMBDA . . . signifies Logos, for Reason.
  1. The triangle with the apex above the base symbolizes the earthly and human.
  1. The letter ALPHA . . . signifies Haima, for Blood.
  2. The letter UPSILON . . . signifies Hydor, for Water.
  3. The letter PSI . . . signifies Psyche, for Spirit of Life.

The union of these two triangles forming the six-pointed star (the ancient Assyrian sign of divinity) symbolizes the intimate relation of the infinite and the human. By some ancient peoples the Serpent was regarded as a symbol of eternity, good fortune, and plenty. In our symbolism it signifies happiness, fruitfulness, and eternity. Superimposed on the black enamel within the two triangles are the three letters:

PHI, ALPHA, THETA - Philia, Anthropos, Theos

signifying Love, Humanity, God. The colors also denote the relation between the human and the infinite. The red symbolizes the blood which is essential to human life, while the blue symbolizes the sky which to many ancient peoples signified the divine. The flower, a deep red rose, symbolizes beauty, charm, and fervency.