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American-Polish Conference (2018)

Why Celebrate?  Americans remember 11 November 1918 as "Armistice Day," the day of fighting during World War I.  Poles also celebrate the day, not only for a successful conclusion to the Great War, but to honor the restoration of Polish independence.  After more than a century of subjugation, Polish patriots took back control of their lands.  This started a new struggle, one that lasted another three years before independence was guaranteed.  America strongly supported these efforts, starting with President Woodrow Wilson's powerful endorsement of Polish Independence.  Less than two months after ArmisticeDay, America and Poland established diplomatic relations.  From that point onward, even during the height of the Cold War, the two nations maintained cordial relations.  Today Poland and America have excellent ties, and our conference hopes to illuminate the historical antecedents of these connections.

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