The goal of the unit’s quality assurance system is to ensure that its candidates are meeting performance standards and to determine the extent to which educators are being prepared to "positively impact learning through evidence-based practices." In order to achieve this goal, the unit has adopted a set of candidate assessment instruments which are completed using internal and external sources.

Each program has, with its constituent groups, reviewed, refined, and/or developed program-level assessments to ensure that candidates are meeting professional association standards. This work has been undertaken with the primary purpose of evaluating how well the unit and its individual programs are achieving the mission and vision. Assessments were developed and selected based on a focus of measuring how effectively the Dewar College of Education and Human Services is "positively impacting learning through evidence-based practices."  The unit quality assurance system incorporates processes to guide instruction, including curricular development and implementation; provide feedback to candidates; evaluate individual programs and the unit; and document accountability. Unit assessment occurs through on-going data collection, aggregation, disaggregation, analysis, and use.

The Dewar College of Education and Human Services utilizes Anthology Portfolio to collect assessment data. Training and support are offered through the Office of Professional Education Services in conjunction with courses for Entry into the Profession. Further support can be accessed directly for users of Anthology Portfolio. 

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