Anthology Portfolio is a secure online platform that assesses learning through custom electronic portfolios, placement tracking, and large-scaled juried assessment of work samples using a wide variety of media. Anthology Portfolio is integrated with BlazeVIEW so students will most often submit work through their BlazeVIEW course. During clinical practice, students seeking initial certification will access Anthology Portfolio from their MyVSU login page.

There are several videos and directions available to assist students, faculty, and mentor teachers in navigating Anthology Portfolio. In addition, a frequently-asked questions list is included below these resources. This list is updated regularly. If you still have questions about this system, please feel free to complete a web contact form and submit your question to the support team.



Creating an External Learning Tool to Anthology Portfolio in BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW

Grading Anthology Portfolio Assignments in BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW

Linking Anthology Portfolio Assessments to the BlazeVIEW/GoVIEW Gradebook

First Time Legal Agreement - Submitting Assignments in BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW

Submitting Assignments in BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW

Q: How much will Anthology Portfolio cost?

A: Students do not need to pay any additional fees ​to use Anthology Portfolio.


Q: Why is Anthology Portfolio required for my program? 

A: Anthology Portfolio will be used to assess key assignments that show your development. Accreditors require programs to keep records of individual student performance and progress, based on national and state standards. Anthology Portfolio assessments will document your performance on key assignments aligned with these and other standards. ​


Q: What if I need help with Anthology Portfolio? 

A: You may contact VSU's support team by emailing pes at 


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