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The SHRM Purpose, Vision, & Mission

SHRM's Purpose is "to elevate the HR profession."

SHRM’s Vision is “to build a world of work that works for all.” 
SHRM’s Mission is “to empower people and workplaces by advancing HR practices and by maximizing human potential.” 

Benefits for choosing to become a national student member of SHRM include access to HR Magazine, the ability to attend the annual SHRM conference at a discounted rate, and scholarship opportunities. 

Benefits for choosing to become a local member of our sponsoring chapter, SHRM Jacksonville include the opportunity to attend the annual SHRM Jax conference at a discounted rate, company site tours around th Jacksonville area, and local chaptermeetings.

For more information regarding SHRM Jacksonville chapter, visit their website

To learn more information about SHRM National, visit their website.

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The SHRM Student Chapter at Valdosta State University

VSU proudly supports a growing SHRM student chapter. As a student organization, we strive to provide able educational, networking, professional development, volunteering, and mentorship opportunities for our members.


Events and services offered by VSU SHRM for the 2023-2024 Academic Year include:

Speaker Series: Come hear from experts and human resources on topics to help jumpstart your career!

Site Tours: Join us to see how actual organizations operate!

Professional Development: Take part in workshops that will refine your current skills to make you standout!

Networking: Expand your network to make valuable and lasting connections!

Mentorship Programs: Connect with a SHRM memberS to receive help on reaching your goals and gain inside information!

Conferences: Acquire experience where you can gain and share new ideas in your field!


To keep up to date with what we have planned, see our schedule of events.

To join the VSU SHRM chapter apply here! For more information, please contact VSU SHRM’s President Katarina Noll at or our recruitment chair, Marshall Stone at



*ALT Text: A few of the SHRM members went to the Inaugural Blacks in Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2024 Conference & Gala. 



*Note: All SHRM meetings will be held in the Education center in room 1140.