Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the following questions are answered through VSU’s Orientation to Online Undergraduate Programs.  All new students are required to complete the online orientation before contacting an advisor.

What are the requirements for admission to the online BBA in Management?

Students should be admitted to VSU and have completed areas A-F of the core curriculum.  This may be done through eCore, at another University System institution, or at VSU.  Students must apply for Admission to the Langdale College of Business. 

How do I know if my previous courses will transfer?

The Admissions Office will evaluate your transcripts as part of the admissions process and inform you which courses will transfer.  Only courses from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted for areas A-F and only courses from AACSB-International–accredited institutions will be accepted for 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Is online learning right for me?

Visit VSU’s Online Readiness page which connects to an online readiness tool to help you decide.

How do I apply to VSU?

Apply online at VSU Admissions.  Please select BAMG as your major.  When you have met all admission requirements to the Langdale College, you will become a MGNT major.

What is the cost of tuition? 

Visit and contact the VSU Financial Aid website or contact the Financial Aid Office for tuition information.  Please note that e-tuition is charged for online classes and that e-tuition is higher than regular tuition.  Students who take all classes online are exempt from some fees.

How do I know who my Advisor is?

You can contact the Student Advising Center at 229-249-2623 to find out who your Advisor is.

How do I get a VSU student email account?

Visit the VSU email page for email account information.

What are Blaze VIEW, GoView and Banner Web?

BlazeVIEW is the current online platform for VSU courses, powered by Desire2Learn (D2L).  Online courses from the College of Business are offered through BlazeVIEW.

GoView is also powered by D2L and is used for eCore courses.

Banner is the student information system used by students to register for classes, view transcripts, etc.

How do I register for classes?

Once you have completed both your VSU admissions and your College of Business admissions paperwork, and have been accepted by BOTH the University and the College of Business, AND you have been advised, you can register for classes by visiting the Banner web page.  You will find registration options under Student Services and Financial Aid.  You are encouraged to take advantage of preregistration to have the best selection of classes.

Where do I purchase my textbooks and supplies?

Visit the VSU Bookstore online.

How do I withdraw from an individual class?

Log into your Banner Web account and go to Student Services and Financial Aid.  Then go to Registration>Add/Drop/Withdraw.

Does VSU have any career and/or job placement services for current students?

Yes.  For business, contact the Langdale College Career Strategies Center or for all careers, contact VSU’s Career Services.

How do I request a transcript?

For an OFFICIAL transcript, log into your Banner Web account and go to Student Services and Financial Aid.  Then go to Student Records and Request Printed or Official Transcripts.

For an UNOFFICIAL transcript, log into Banner Web, go to Student Services and Financial Aid.  Then go to Student Records>Academic Transcript.

What is the employment outlook for Management majors?

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