Are You "Online Ready?"

If you’re considering taking one online course or pursuing a fully online degree, chances are you share one very important feature with many students at Valdosta State: you have a busy life! There are many advantages to online classes that can help you strike a healthy balance of personal and professional commitments with academic goals. Online classes offer flexible scheduling, convenience, and the ability to take classes from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection).

Many of our students worry about whether they are prepared to be successful in online classes. Online classes provide a great way for students to accommodate the personal and professional commitments in their lives, but students often want to know what they can expect and whether they are truly ready.

Imagine if there was a free, online tool that could give you a fast and reasonable indication of your readiness for online learning.

VSU's Online Readiness Indicator by SmarterMeasure does just that!

The Online Readiness Indicator is designed for students who are uncertain whether online is the best option for their lives and goals. When you take the Online Readiness Indicator, you will answer questions about yourself as well as the technology and tools you own or regularly access. The information you provide will deliver feedback that is tailored to your responses. It will suggest resources if you need to brush up in a few areas and help guide you in your decision regarding online. In addition to providing feedback on your preparation, the questions and information presented will help you learn more about online delivery and some of the expectations you will encounter as an online student. 

Before you get started, here are some things to know:

  • There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the survey – just your answers. Be open and honest with the survey and it can best match you to the best free resources for you.
  • The survey has six sections that each take about 5 minutes to complete. But you do not have to take all six sections at one time. You can stop and start back right where you left off. You will answer questions relating to:
    1. Life Factors – how factors such as your available time, a dedicated place to study, and personal motivation affect your success in an online course 
    2. Individual Attributes – personal attributes such as your time management skills and willingness to ask for help 
    3. Learning Styles – determining the approach to learning that feels most natural to you 
    4. Reading Rate and Recall – how quickly you read and how well you remember what you read, specifically online 
    5. Technical Competency – your strengths and weaknesses using a computer and accessing the internet 
    6. Technical Knowledge and Access – your knowledge of technology usage and vocabulary, the role of technology in your life, and your personal computer/Internet specifications 
  • The results of the survey are only used to help you succeed as a learner. No admissions nor financial aid decisions are being influenced by your scores.
  • When you complete the survey, you will receive a colorful report that helps you understand your scores. Make sure to read each page of the report. The free resources are listed at the bottom of each page.

Find out if you're "online ready." Take VSU's Online Readiness Indicator today!

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