Complete a Management Major by:

                Completing all courses online OR completing some online and others  face-to-face

Prior to starting the major you must:

                Apply for Admissions to VSU

                Complete Area A-E courses through VSU OR eCore OR transfer from another college OR any combination of any of these

                Apply for admissions to the Langdale College of Business--You must have an overall GPA of 2.5 (this includes any and all transfer credits)

BBA-MGT courses follow the regular VSU calendar and schedule of classes.

Langdale College of Business programs are accredited by SACS and the AACSB-International.  Only about 5% of business schools world- ide have attained this accreditation and assurance of quality education.  Employers recognize the benefits of hiring graduates of AACSB-accredited programs.

In order to register for classes, you must be advised  and have your flag lifted.

For further information contact:

Dr. Ed Walker 229-245-2236 or