Increasing the Building, Challenges, & Opportunities Fund

Private partnerships have become a necessity to the growth of the Langdale College. The state's budget situation continues to challenge us "to do more with less".  Private support from our faithful donors is what continues to allow us to attain the degree of excellence our students and faculty deserve.

One of the challenges facing the Langdale College's dean is providing faculty and students with resources they need… when they are needed! These unrestricted resources allow the dean to allocate funds in a timely fashion to take advantage of unplanned opportunities that arise throughout the year.

Donors can give funds to build an endowment that allows the dean to have a permanent source of resources to meet the needs of the Langdale College as they may change throughout the year. As more and more endowments are established and each of these continue to grow, this will only increase the amount of discretionary funds that the Langdale College can utilize in order to maintain a competitive advantage among the nation's top business schools.