SAP University Alliances Program


SAP is one of the world's leading software companies for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow in organizations. SAP was started in 1972 by five former IBM employees in Germany. The original name for SAP as translated from German was System Analysis Program Development. Since then, it has grown to a multinational enterprise headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with more than 105,000 employees worldwide. SAP is now considered the third largest software company per revenue in the world. SAP’s primary products focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which stands for “enterprise resource planning.” ERP software includes programs for functional areas of a business, such as procurement, materials management, production, sales, finance, account, and human capital. SAP was one of the first companies to develop standard software for business solutions and continues to expand its product portfolio with web interfaces, data analytics, digital supply chain, customer relationship management and much more.


SAP University Alliances

The SAP University Alliances (UA) program enables academia to integrate SAP software into classroom teaching. Through this program, students are introduced to the latest SAP technologies such as business process integration using S/4HANA, data visualizations and analytics using Lumira, Predictive Analytics, and business simulations with ERPsim. The Harley Langdale Jr. College of Business Administration (LCOBA) became a member of the SAP UA in 2016. Since then, LCOBA has been developing a variety of hands-on SAP classes to help students gain a competitive edge in today's job market.


SAP Student Recognition Award

The SAP Student Recognition Award recognizes those students who have completed at least three SAP-approved courses at LCOBA with a grade of "B" or better. An SAP-approved course has a minimum of 30% hands-on SAP content. Students who earn this award will be able to demonstrate their expertise in state-of-the-art SAP business software to prospective employers. Currently, LCOBA offers the following SAP-approved courses:

ACCT4410 Accounting Information Systems

BUSA3450 Management Information Systems

FIN4720 Applied Financial Planning (Only for students participating in SAP project)

FIN4760 Modern Financial Intermediaries & Risk Mgmt

FIN4800 Fin Analytics & Data Vis

HCAD3100 Healthcare Informatics

HCAD3600 Healthcare Information Systems and Security

MGNT3400 Supply Chain Management

MKTG3650 Marketing Research

MACC7410 Advanced Accounting Information Systems (only for MAcc students)


Suggested pathway for accounting students: BUSA3450, ACCT4410, MGNT3400, MKTG3650, MACC7410

Suggested pathway for finance students: BUSA3450, FIN4720, FIN4760, FIN4800

Suggested pathway for healthcare students: BUSA3450, HCAD3100, HCAD3600

Suggested pathway for management/marketing students: BUSA3450, MGNT3400, MKTG3650


After spring/fall commencement, the Award recipients will be identified from a list of LCOBA graduates. The Award will become part of the official record and appear on the transcript. Students with any issues regarding the Award should contact LCOBA SAP coordinator Taewon Hwang (

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