In the first Virtual Honors Presentation, the Harley Langdale Jr. College of Business inducted into the International Honor Society of Beta Gamma Sigma, the following students. Please view the virtual ceremony here:

Beta Gamma Sigma Members Inducted in 2020

Susanna Adams John Hanson Whitney Phillippe Shay White
Aaliyah Bailey Ericka Hewes Christopher Radford Thomas Wood
Brandon Bennett Joseph Holland Carrie Register Caitlin Rollock
Alex Boutte' Rhonda Jackson Daniela Reyes Escalona Ashley Royal
Ava Cassaniti Alaina Lapham Debreshia Rice Michael Bedient
Bruce Eager Patrick Malloy Retrina Roberts Thomas J. Kerr
Zoey Ecker Timothy McCoppin Teresa Stringer Beatrice Roland
Kailey Fussell Jessica Patterson Zachary Taylor Katelynn Smith
Na'Asia Gurley Tara Penland Kinley Weldon David Williams