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The Department of Communication Arts recognizes the importance of advising in helping students to make appropriate progress toward graduation.  Self-advising, withdrawing, dropping, or failing a course can delay your graduation. 

To graduate in a timely manner, you need to meet with your advisor on a regular basis and review any changes in your schedule.  You should also keep your own records and come prepared to advising sessions as you are ultimately responsible for your academic progress.

To ensure the accuracy of your advising and outline what remains in your degree program, you should file for graduation during the second semester of your Junior year.

The following documents are intended to assist you in preparing for advising meetings and in tracking your progress. 


Juries and Student Assessments

Dance majors are assessed by the entire faculty at landmark points throughout their time at VSU. 

Freshman & Junior Assessment Meetings
Students have the opportunity to meet with the faculty to review academic and degree progress, engagement in the program, and to have the opportunity to engage in career advisement. Freshman meetings are scheduled for the Spring term and Junior meetings are scheduled for the Fall term. Spring 2022 Freshman Form

Dance Major Juries: Every Spring Semester (all majors not graduating in the current term)
The purpose of juries is to track student progress throughout the program to ensure students stay on track and to assess growth and student learning. Juries will be required of dance majors every spring semester. Failure to participate will result in a failing score. Two failed juries may result in removal from the program and student will be required to re-audition for the program. 
Spring 2022 Juries - Due Friday, April 29th by 3pm:
Please submit a video of 1-3 minutes of dancing that incorporates movement, skills, technique, or creative processes that you have been working on in your program of study coursework over the past academic year (2021-2022). You may incorporate combinations from class, concepts, creative strategies, etc. to craft this video but all video should be newly recorded and prepared for your Jury submission. Please do not submit videos from previous performances, skills exams, or class.At the beginning of the video, please state your name, your year in the program, and a brief synopsis of what you will be presenting (statement of purpose/statement of movement). Please keep your movement to 1-2 dance styles you have studied this academic year. Feedback will be compiled and shared with the student via email by mid-May. Spring 2022 Jury Form
Portfolio & Resume Presentation
Senior Dance Majors enrolled in the THEA 4790 Portfolio and Resume Preparation course submit a website portfolio of their work throughout their time at VSU and participate in a mock-hire situation. All theatre and dance faculty participate in the review of their work and submit student feedback on hireability.