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VSU’s Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery and Martha G. Smart Gallery are located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building, at the intersection of Brookwood Drive and Oak Street.

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Juror - Olivia Richardson

The Valdosta National Annual Juried Exhibition presents Art Spoken, a show spotlighting the underrepresented voices and perspectives of artists across the United States and showcasing the talented students of Valdosta State University. With individualism on the rise, it is important to remember that we all share as many similarities with each other as we do differences and coming together, coexisting and being vulnerable with one another, is integral to our development as a society.

Pieces were chosen for their storytelling, their potential for challenging conversations, and their artistic vision. In context with the other mediums celebrated through Art Spoken (music, dance, spoken word and poetry), these pieces transform and hold new meaning beyond their original intent.

While art can convey powerful messages on its own, it is its ability to catalyze discussions that allows these concepts to transcend the gallery space and be incorporated into our everyday life.

As folks gather in the Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery to celebrate the experiences and stories of these incredible artists, please remember all the histories, art, and people lost to extreme violence in Palestine, Lebanon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to unfortunately, name a few. Art is and will always be political whether explicitly or subtlety stated, and it is our job as patrons of the arts to not only celebrate this as we do today, but to bear witness. Thank you to Mark Errol, The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion, The Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery, and Valdosta State University for inviting me to jury Art Spoken.






Ron Beckham


Cynthia Bickley-Green


Paul C. Blake



Aimee Fresia 



Christine Hunt



Shelissa Jones



Stanley Obert




Larry Sheffield

- 2nd Place



 Jonas Thaler

- 3rd Place



Louis Venturello



Charles Wright

- Honorable Mention



Rick Yasko

- 1st Place





Vanessa I. Chavez


A'Shadrian Clayton


Simon Gunnarsson



Shelby Haddock 



 Damien Van Veen



 Adjani Williams