Comprehensive Program Review, Core Assessment, and Program Assessment


Document Due Date

Institutional Effectiveness Templates for:

  • Academic Programs (PLAN, REPORT)
  • Administrative Support, Academic Support, and Student Services Support Units (PLAN, REPORT

New for Fall 2022: Continuous Improvement template for COEHS Programs

Annually by September 30 for each academic program and administrative unit) to the University Assessment Committee.

In its Principles of Accreditation (2018 edition), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has several requirements and standards that focus on institutional effectiveness. In essence, Valdosta State University must prove it complies with these standards through “systematic, ongoing, integrated, research-based reviews that result in continuous improvement” institution-wide.

Guidelines for Developing Core Curriculum Assessments (PDF)

Core Curriculum Plan Template (DOC)

Request to use Statistical Sampling (DOC)

Core Curriculum Report Template (DOC)

Core Assessment Schedule 2012-2030:
By Department (PDF)
By Term (PDF)
By Core Area (PDF)

A completed plan is due prior to the start of the semester.

For courses assessed in the Fall, the report is due February 15.
For courses assessed in the Spring, the report is due September 15.

Core curriculum assessment is required by both SACSCOC as well as by the University System of Georgia (USG 3.6.3 Comprehensive Program Review Policy). True assessment provides data to help faculty see the overall performance of ALL students in core classes in order to discuss appropriate curricular or classroom changes to prepare our students to better meet our learning goals for them.

Comprehensive Program Review Instruction Guide
(revised for Fall 2021). This document includes all relevant forms including a coversheet.

Spring of the year in which the program is under review.

Locate specific program review years in the Program Review Cycle.

CPR Orientation PowerPoint (09/09/2022)

For a copy of archived program reviews, email assessment [at]

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) is a set of procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs through a systematic review. Its purpose is to address the quality, viability, and productivity of efforts in teaching and learning, scholarship, and service as appropriate to the institution’s mission. The review of academic programs shall involve analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. Institutions must demonstrate that they make judgments about the future of academic programs within a culture of evidence. Required by USG 3.6.3 Comprehensive Program Review Policy.