Committee Members 2017-18

Committee Co-Chair
Academic Affairs Administration
Michael M. Black,
Director, Institutional Effectiveness
President’s Division
Committee Co-Chair
Student Affairs
Niki Turley, 
Associate Dean of Students
University Advancement
Finance & Administration
Christy Yates, 
Director of Operations & Special Projects
College of Arts & Sciences
Peggy Moch, 
Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science
Sudip Chakraborty,
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Langdale College of Business Administration
Aubrey Fowler,
Professor of Marketing
College of the Arts
Deborah Robson, 
Associate Professor of Communication Arts
College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Michele Blankenship, 
Instructor of Nursing and Director of Simulation
Dewar College of Education & Human Services
Natalie Kuhlmann,
Director, Center for Program Assessment, Analytics, and Evaluation
Odum Library

Michael Holt,
Assessment Coordinator and Associate Professor

Department of Social Work (now part of College of Education & Human Services)

Hanae Kanno, 
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Student Success
Terence Sullivan,
Assistant Director, Academic Support Center
General Education Council
Ex Officio
Jane Kinney, 
Professor of English and Catalog Editor