Accessing the “Make a Payment” icon:

Menu Path:      My Account>Click Make a Payment or


Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\payment.png

Menu Path:      Payments>Click Make a Payment



  • The following screen will appear:

Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\amount or term.png

  • Select the term and edit payment amount and click “Continue" 
  • The following screen will appear: 


Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\Select method of payment.png  

  • Chose a Payment method using the drop down box
  • Then Click “Select”
  • If paying by electronic check, the following screen will appear

Submission of payment  

  • Review the data
  • If the data is correct, Click “Submit payment” 


  • If paying by credit card from the following page select “Credit Card via Paypath”


Credit Card Payment via PayPath 


  • Then Click “Select”
  • If paying by credit card, the following screen will appear. 
  • Review details then click “Continue to Paypath”


Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\PayPath.png 


  • The following screen will appear



Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\Paypath2.png


  • "Service fee is 2.85% as of 5/1/18"
  • Click continue to confirm