Requesters will use the Special Request feature in on eProcurement.

The process to obtain that pricing is controlled by the vendor. As a general rule, you would use the special request feature and attach the price quote to obtain special pricing.

All requesters can shop and select the items for themselves or their department.

Your Department Head or Budget Manager determines this access and can send information to

You will need to provide the requesting department with the appropriate account number(s) and have them enter the request. The request will then be routed to you to approve as the budget manager. 

If it is a purchase from an online catalog, the item will always be shipped to Central Warehouse for distribution to the department. Do not, at any time, change the ship-to location. Changing the ship-to location from Central Warehouse will kick your request out of the system. If an order needs to be delivered elsewhere, note this in the comments section. 

No. Even though there is a Travel and Expenses section, you still use PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service to send in your travel expenses, and approve travel expenses.