The State Fuel Card Program is provided by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, Office of Fleet Management for all governmental entities within the State of Georgia and is managed by Wright Express (WEX). The fuel card can be used to purchase fuel for State vehicles only when conducting State business. The State Fuel card program at VSU is managed by a card administrator in the Procurement & Contract Services.

Vehicle Fuel Card

State owned/VSU vehicles are assigned fuel cards. Authorized employees are issued Driver Identification Cards (Driver ID) for purchasing fuel. Driver ID Cards are used to purchase fuel for state owned/VSU vehicles.  Personal charges are not allowed and will result in cancellation of the Driver ID or termination of employment. The Driver will be personally responsible for reimbursing VSU for any personal charges. Fuel cards must be kept in state owned/VSU vehicles. If the fuel card is lost or stolen, immediately contact Purchasing Services at 333-5708. If the incident occurs outside of business hours, contact Wright Express Customer Service (WEX) at 800-492-0669 to cancel the card and notify Purchasing Services on the next business day. Fuel cards for equipment such as tractors, mowers, off road utility vehicles, and generators will be issued upon request. Equipment fuel purchases must be documented on a Red Card Log.

Driver IDs

To apply for a Driver ID, please fill out the Application for Fuel Card Driver ID. The Driver ID is an individual six-digit number assigned to each person who is authorized to purchase fuel. The Driver ID identifies an individual driver. The Fuel Card identifies a specific VSU operated vehicle. Each Driver ID is assigned to a specific VSU budget account number which identifies the driver, business unit and budget to be charged. The Driver will be personally responsible for reimbursing VSU for any unauthorized charges on billings.

  • Driver ID Numbers must be kept confidential.
  • A Driver ID Number can be used with any fuel card assigned to any VSU vehicle.
  • A driver who forgets their ID number must contact Procurement at 333-5708 to obtain it.

Procedures at the Pump

  1. The driver inserts the fuel card into the pump.

  2. The driver inputs the exact odometer reading; do not include tenths of miles- round up to the next mile.
  3. The driver inputs their specific Driver ID number.

  4. Driver then selects either regular grade gasoline or diesel, which is appropriate for the vehicle in use.

NOTE: Do not give your Driver ID to a station attendant – insist on entering the number without the help of the attendant. Do not allow the card out of sight during a sales transaction.


The Fuel Card Report is sent to each Department Manager monthly at which point the Manager is to confirm with each Driver listed on the Fuel Card Report as to the validity and accuracy of the reported transactions. Both the Manager and Driver(s) are to sign off that they have verified all transactions for the fuel purchases and return the signed report to Procurement by the 20th of each month.

If another account number is to be charged for a particular purchase, it is the Department’s responsibility to submit a journal voucher to Financial Services to move the fuel expense to the appropriate account.