1) Preventive Maintenance

  • Take appropriate coupon from Holman packet to the local vendor for scheduled maintenance.
  • No phone call to Holman is required.
  • Failure to comply with the coupon intervals may be considered abuse.

2) Unscheduled Maintenance and Repairs – In Town

  • Take Vehicle to approved Holman vendor.
  • For approved vendors, call 1-800-227-2273
  • Vendor will contact Holman for authorization.

3) Unscheduled Maintenance and Repairs – Out of Town

  • Call Holman at 1-800-227-2273 to discuss the problem with a certified technician.
  • Give the Holman technician the client number and the Holman vehicle number found on the Blue Identification Card along with the current odometer reading. The Blue Identification Card is in the Holman packet located in the vehicle.
  • The technician will direct you to an approved vendor or offer roadside assistance.

4) In Case of an Accident

  • Stop Immediately.
  • Take required precautions to prevent further accidents at the scene.
  • Render all reasonable assistance to persons injured at the scene.
  • Ask someone at the scene to call police (If on campus, contact the Campus Police Department (229) 333-7816 or if off campus, contact the police department with jurisdiction in that area).
  • NOTE: All accidents involving a state vehicle requires a police report.
  • Contact your immediate supervisor and report the accident.
  • In the event the accident involves injuries, it should be reported to the Toll Free number (1-877-656-7475) listed on the Georgia Liability Insurance Card. The Georgia Liability Insurance Card is included in the ARI packet.
  • Be sure to obtain the information that is asked for on the back of the Georgia Liability Insurance Card (The Georgia Liability Insurance Card should be in the vehicle at all times). 
  • If the state vehicle is not drivable from the scene of the accident, you should contact ARI @ 1-800-227-2273 for information related to auto repair shops and towing services within the ARI Program.  
  • The following reports must be completed and received in the VSU Risk Insurance Office within 24 hours so the report can be processed within the 48 hours requirement:
  • Employees must complete a VSU Accident Report Form immediately following the accident and forward it to the immediate supervisor.
  • Immediate supervisors must complete the BOR/DOAS Supervisors Accident Follow-up Checklist
  • Both reports must be forwarded to the VSU’s Risk Insurance Office by faxing it to (229) 333-2159.
  • All questions concerning the reporting of motor vehicle accidents should be referred to the VSU’s Risk Insurance Office at 229-333-2160.