eProcurement (ePro) is a module in PeopleSoft Financials that has a primary function of creating electronic requisitions and routing them for approval.  Due to month end closing, ePro will be down approximately for 3 business days after the last day of the month.

The GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace is an online shopping site accessed from PeopleSoft Financials. Through this online shopping site, users can shop online for contract items from a variety of state and institution approved vendors, including Staples, Grainger, HP, and Fischer Scientific. Users can select items by placing them in an online shopping cart. They assign these shopping carts to a designated requester when ready, and the requester then turns their shopping cart into an ePro requisition.


ePro login issues or systems errors:  

Submit a ticket solutions.valdosta.edu

Question for Procurement: procurement@valdosta.edu