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Welcome to the VSU's eProcurement & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace site. This web site has been designed to serve as a one-stop resource that can assist you in understanding the new online procurement system project being sponsored by The University System of Georgia. Use the links below to navigate to the desired section to add to your understanding of eProcurement & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace.


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What is eProcurement & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace

eProcurement (ePro) is a module in PeopleSoft Financials that has a primary function of creating electronic requisitions and routing them for approval.  Due to month end closing, ePro will be down approximately for 3 business days after the last day of the month.

The GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace is an online shopping site accessed from PeopleSoft Financials. Through this online shopping site, users can shop online for contract items from a variety of state and institution approved vendors, including Staples, Grainger, HP, and Fischer Scientific. Users can select items by placing them in an online shopping cart. They assign these shopping carts to a designated requester when ready, and the requester then turns their shopping cart into an ePro requisition.

How does this differ from the old process?

Previously, you may have used paper requisitions (goldenrods), or some other form, to request an item to be purchased. That hardcopy requisition then had to be routed for approval signatures, and then sent to the Purchasing Office. The Purchasing Office then re-keyed the information into the system to create a Purchase Order to send to the vendor.

With ePro, much of this is completely automated. A requisition is created within ePro and then electronically routed for approval. The approval chain is dependent on the Department charged and item type, among other things. Finally, after the last electronic approval is made, the requisition can be copied into, or sourced into an official Purchase Order that is dispatched to a vendor.

What are the benefits of this process?

There are many benefits of ePro & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace such as a quicker workflow for purchases and a reduction in the need for Purchasing Card (P-Card) use. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction in paper forms routing through different offices
  • Online browsing and shopping for items
  • Comparison shopping
  • You only need one login to shop from multiple vendors
  • You can request goods from multiple vendors through one shopping cart
  • All items in the GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace are contractually approved items
  • Faster routing for approvals
  • Ability to save items as ‘favorites’ in the GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace

What is your role?

For most of those that will be using ePro, one of three primary roles will be assigned by those within the department that manage the purchasing process. The roles to be aware of in your area are Shopper, Requester, and Approver. The primary function of these roles are described below, but you can learn more about these roles during training and by accessing the training materials on the state's ePro/GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace training web site.

  • Shoppers - Users with this designated role will select items from the "stores" included in the GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace and add desired items into a central shopping cart that will be viewed by Requestors who will turn the shopping carts into electronic requisitions to be processed within the designated work flow.

  • Requesters - Users with this designated role can also shop and place items into shopping carts, but their work flow role will be to create electronic requisitions from all the shopping carts created by Shoppers within their department. This role is similar to the employee who is currently responsible for ordering supplies and filling out goldenrods.

  • Approvers - Users with this designated role serve as budget managers and electronically sign-off on all requisitions, approving them for purchase. Various factors dictate the number of people who serve as Approvers for each electronic requisition. These factors include department, project, agency fund purchase, account type, and requisition amount.

How do you access ePro?

For Shoppers - you will need an account in PeopleSoft Financials which is the same account you are using if you are currently working in PeopleSoft for travel expense reimbursements and flex reimbursements. The login to ePro will be the same.

If you do not have an account, you can create your new account by downloading the following step-by-step guide:

Establishing an Employee Self-Service Account for eProcurement

For Requesters & Approvers- you will receive a link once your access is established by Security Administration. If you have attended training and have not received an email with the required link, email pshelp@valdosta.edu.  Requester and Approvers use the same user name and password as their Employee Self-Service Account.