We encourage those who live on or near campus to seriously consider the positive aspects of walking and/or cycling to jobs and classes. VSU walkers and cyclists enjoy:
  • minimal transportation cost,
  • zero stress and worry about where to park,
  • health benefits, and
  • dependable and predictable transportation
Moreover, walkers and bicyclists contribute significantly to reducing traffic congestion which improves air quality for everyone.

Bicycle Operation Regulations
Be aware that it is unlawful to operate a bicycle in any manner that endangers pedestrians, other cyclists, motorists, or private property. Follow motor vehicle regulations on the road, being particularly cautious at intersections. Watch for pedestrians.

Bicycle Parking Regulations
Bicycle parking regulations are in effect at all times, even at night and during vacations. Bicycle parking is available at bicycle racks located throughout the VSU campus. Bicycles are to be parked only in these areas and should be properly attached to the racks. As a courtesy to fellow cyclists, please use only one space.

Bicycles must not be parked or stored
  • In any University building
  • Against or fastened to any tree plant, bush, or foliage
  • Against or fastened to any water, steam, or gas pipe, or any electrical fixture, ornamental bench, trash can or emergency safety device
  • On any access/egress ramp or blocking an entrance or exit to any University building
  • In any disabled area, or
  • In any other area where bicycle parking is specifically prohibited.
  • Bicycles parked in violation of these regulations will be impounded. It is lawful for the University to remove locking devices in order to impound a bicycle. The University is not responsible for damage done to locks during impoundment.

Register your bicycle!
Register your bicycle! It's free! Take your bicycle to the Public Safety office for free etching of its frame and wheels. For added protection, join the B.A.T. (Bicycle Anti-Theft) Program. For more information about the B.A.T. program, go to Crime Prevention web page. Call(229) 333-7816 for additional information. For added safety you might consider using a good quality u-type bicycle lock which will lock both wheels and frame to the bicycle rack.

Please enjoy VSU's beautiful campus by walking and bicycling.