Open Parking

"Open Parking" means that employees and students with a valid virtual parking permit can park in the "visitors," "reserved," "staff," "student," and "timed" spaces until 5 AM the next day.  Overnight parking citations are issued from 5:00am-8:00am on campus.  Vehicles are not permitted to park on campus from 4:00am - 6:30am, Monday - Friday in the following areas:

  • Conference Spaces (University Center)

Open Parking is in effect when regular business hours are over at 5:30 PM, Friday at 3:00pm. "Open Parking" does not apply at all to 24-hour reserved spaces, tow-away zones, curbs, loading docks, service truck spaces, and disabled spaces. A VSU permit must be displayed at all times.

Overnight Parking

  • Resident Student Parking will be available in student spaces in the following lots overnight: Oak Street Parking Deck levels 2-5 only (no overnight parking in Oak Street surface lot), Sustella Avenue surface parking lot (unmarked student spaces), Sustella Avenue Parking Deck (all levels), and Centennial Parking Lot (unmarked student spaces). Customer parking spaces in the sustella surface parking lot are available from 5:30pm – 8:00am week days.  During the day, spaces are for Parking & Transportation customers only.  Spaces are also available during open weekend parking.
  • Students parking on campus before 7:30am must park in the designated overnight parking areas outlined on the parking map.
  • Weekend Parking (Friday after 3:00pm, Saturday and Sunday – No Permit Required) Individuals are allowed to park in any available Visitor, Reserved, Staff, Student or Timed (for more than the allotted time) space on VSU campus.
  • Customers with oversized vehicles that cannot fit in the parking deck will need to stop by the Parking & Transportation Department to obtain an Oversized Vehicle virtual parking permit to display in their vehicle (valid virtual parking permit must be purchased as well).  This permit will allow vehicles to park in the following areas:  Oak Street Lot (section D & E only), Sustella surface lot, Centennial Hall lot and PE Complex lot.

Parking Locations on Campus

- The Sustella Avenue & Oak Street Parking Decks, in addition to surface parking lots, are designed for parking vehicles only. Special campus events are not permitted in the parking decks. Campus events should be coordinated through the university's Event Services Department (229)333-5998.