All students are offered the option of living on-campus at Valdosta State University. Approximately 24% of the enrolled students live in the residence halls and on-campus apartments. You will receive a housing brochure and application in your acceptance packet from the Office of Admissions. Detailed information about the residence halls is also available on the Housing and Residence Life website: Housing and Residence Life website.

The residence halls (also called dormitories, or, simply, dorms) provide convenient, inexpensive housing on campus for students. Most students will share a room with another student (roommate) and a bathroom with other students nearby. 

If your room needs repairs or you have questions and concerns about any aspect of life in the residence hall, you should contact your Resident Assistant. The resident assistant, or RA, is a student who lives in the hall, but this student is an employee of the Office of Housing and Residence Life. The RA enforces the rules of the residence hall. The RA also handles issues such as changing rooms or roommates and reporting repairs as needed. The Residence Hall Director supervises the resident assistants of the residence hall. Your questions and concerns about life in the residence hall should be addressed to the RA or the Residence Hall Director. The Office of Housing and Residence Life staff will also be glad to assist you.

During recent years, the demand for on-campus housing has been high. It is very important that you carefully read any correspondence from the Office of Housing and Residence Life. You need to follow specific procedures in order to reserve your room each year. Please make a note of all deadlines and procedures by visiting the Housing and Residence Life website.


Living with an American roommate can be an excellent way to practice English, learn about the American culture and customs, or meet new friends. Living with another person requires patience, tolerance, and kindness, especially as you get to know one another during the first few weeks. It can also be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your stay on campus.

You should expect to disagree with your roommate about some things. This is normal. The best way to solve your differences is to speak honestly to one another. Americans are accustomed to direct discussion of problems. If there are problems, which cannot be resolved between the two of you, you may go to your RA (Resident Assistant) who will work with you to assign a new roommate.

Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing is plentiful in Valdosta. There are many apartment complexes and rental houses near campus and around town. Listed below are a few suggestions of places to look for off-campus housing.

  1. Search online on websites like,, Facebook Marketplace. 
  2. Valdosta Daily Times, the local newspaper, lists apartments, houses, and rooms for rent in the classified advertising section of the paper. The ad will usually list the monthly rent as well as a phone number to call for more information.
  3. Bulletin boards and notices on campus: check classroom buildings for notices and ads about apartments for rent. Many students looking for roommates advertise in this manner.
  4. The telephone directory: look under "Apartments" in the yellow pages.

Once you’ve identified a potential place to live, VISIT AND INSPECT THE APARTMENT OR HOUSE carefully to be sure that it is safe, clean and well maintained. Check to be sure the doors, windows and locks are sturdy, the appliances are in good condition, the smoke detectors work properly, etc. DO NOT RENT AN ATTIC OR BASEMENT APARTMENT, as they are dangerous and in violation of the fire code. Tenants can be required to vacate an attic or basement apartment immediately and landlords can be fined.

Before Signing a Lease:

  • Understand that all leases can be modified if both the landlord and tenant agree. Anything that the landlord and tenant agree upon verbally should be written in the lease. This includes repairs which the landlord promises to make, arrangements for snow removal and lawn maintenance, etc. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!
  • Before agreeing to sign a lease with roommates, understand that all tenants are each responsible for all the rent (not just their part of the rent). This means that, if your roommate moves out, you will be responsible for all of the rent. You might consider signing a roommate agreement with your roommates.
  • Be sure that the length of the lease corresponds to your time frame. If you will only be in Valdosta for nine months, but you sign a twelve-month lease, you can be held responsible for the remaining three months.

Please note that the Housing and Residence Life is independent from the Center for International Programs, and they operate under their own policies and procedures. If you have any questions and would like to speak with a housing representative, please contact: Housing and Residence Life (229) 333-5920 or send an email.